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    For Imazzle Signage wayfinding is not just signage; it's about collaborating with architects, developers and urban planner to understand, shape and influence how humans interact with the built environment, with a goal to increase economic activity and create pride in the local culture and community. It begins by gaining an understanding of the user and how they will use the space, then influencing the user in their navigation to create memorable experiences.

    A unique approach
    Through our process of design & innovation, careful study and research in the culture, language, mindset, community and human factors of the users, beautiful and functional signage and features are created and implemented for our world class clients.

    It is with this understanding that Imazzle begins the concept design of signage and other communication elements. Carefully planned and well designed signage should always be intuitive, complimentary and of course be integral to the architecture in order to enrich the environment as well as the user experience. We understand that if the visitors experience is positive; one that allows them to easily navigate the space, they are more likely to return and tell others of their enjoyable experience.

    Imazzle utilizes a wealth of knowledge and experience in technical design, engineering, materials and fabrication methods that result in the creation of high quality signage and features, which once placed on site in suitable locations, aid the user on their journey.

  • Design Engineering

    Our value-engineering approach to design can be summed up in two words: practical and economical. As an engineering-cantered company, the Design Engineering Team consists of licensed, degree professionals that view the design process from every angle, identifying opportunities for streamlining and economy, while maintaining quality. This guarantees practical, cost-effective solutions for your branding program.

    We collaborate with your branding consultants and designers to ensure that your image is interpreted accurately and your brand message is on point — every time, with every sign. We can also supply you with architectural renderings, models and prototypes.

    All Design and Engineering is done in-house. Our commitment to brand presence and value is first and foremost.

  • Manufacturing & Fabrication

    Imazzle Signage delivers the industry’s highest quality, competitively priced product. We have the production capabilities, modern equipment and the manpower to execute your largest projects, under the most challenging time constraints. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is staffed by highly skilled talent.

  • Project Management

    No other sign company has more experience successfully managing complex, time-sensitive conversions and re-branding programs as Imazzle. Our time-tested techniques serve as an industry model, and our people represent the best in the business. Commitment to your total satisfaction starts at the top; senior management is always accessible and involved in your project.

    Once tasks and milestones are determined, a dedicated Project Manager is appointed to lead each program and acts as the primary contact throughout the life of the project. Project team members are assembled from engineering, production and installation departments. Additional support staff handles every project detail: surveys, permits, approvals, shipment and installation.

  • Installation and High Rise

    High rise installations pose a particular set of engineering and safety challenges. You can trust the experts at Imazzle Signage with all of your high rise needs. Our installation crews have experience with pylon, wall and tower installations. We employ safe practices critical for jobs that may require staging, crane, or gandola, minimizing risk and disruption to those below.

  • Maintenance & Lighting

    Keeping Your Brand Shining Bright

    Your signage is an extension of your brand vision. Unsightly, poorly lit signs will adversely affect your company's image, costing you customers and money. Imazzle Signage offers preventative and on-call maintenance. Our Maintenance & Lighting division covers every facet of maintenance and lighting. We offer customized maintenance plans for proactive care against simple wear & tear or unexpected damage. Convenient, pre-arranged rates for labour, equipment and materials will help you to control your costs and allow you to better manage your budget. Unrivalled in the industry, our expert crews are fully licensed and insured for quick and responsive emergency repairs that will restore your sign to its original brilliance, anywhere in the entire India.

    Our service can include:

    • On-call Service
    • Maintenance/ Energy Efficient Retrofit Program
    • Night Illumination Check
    • Cleaning Services
    • Preventative Care Plans
    • Parking Lot Lighting
    • Storm Damage Relief